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Spiritual Help

Have You Found Peace with God?

   God loves you and wants you to enjoy His peace and abundant life for eternity. Because He loves you, He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to bring you peace with God. Jesus Christ told the truth about finding peace with God and declared He is the way, the truth and life.


The Truth about Sin


"for all have sinned and fall

 short of the glory of God."

Romans 3:23

God always tells the truth and the truth is that each of us is sinful. The Holy Spirit of God convicts us of sin in our hearts. If you look honestly into your own heart right now, you know God is telling you the truth about yourself. In Godís eyes, you are a sinner. Stop ignoring the truth of sin because God has great news for you. No matter how great your sins are, or even how good you are most of the time, you need Godís gift to remedy your sin. Jesus said He came to help those you are sick, and need a physician. He meant that only people who know they have a spiritual problem will turn to Him for spiritual help. If you cannot admit the truth that you are a sinner, then you will not understand and receive Godís gift of eternal life.


The Truth about Godís Gift of Life


"For the wages of sin is

 death, but the free gift of

 God is eternal life in

Christ Jesus our Lord."

Romans 6:23

    Because God loves you, He offers you the greatest of gifts. God knows all about your sin, and knows you cannot do anything to remove the sin from yourself. No matter how many good things you do in life, your sin remains like a black blot of ink. Doing good cannot erase the stain of sin, but Jesus Christ can completely remove your sin and give you eternal life. Sin has wages, and the wages of sin is death. If you die in your sins, then you will suffer spiritual and eternal death. God offers you the gift of life. You cannot earn the gift and you do not deserve it. But God loves you, intensely, and wants you to have the gift. Here is the gift: Jesus Christ died in your place on that cross. You deserved to die because of your sin, but Jesus Christ substituted Himself for you and paid the price for your sin. Knowing the truth, however, is not enough. Jesus rose from the dead and lives now to offer you the gift of life. You must act now to receive the gift of God.

The Truth about Faith


". . . if you confess with your

 mouth Jesus as Lord, and

believe in your heart

that God raised him from

the dead, you will be saved;

 for with the heart a person

 believes, resulting in

 righteousness, and with the

mouth he confesses,

resulting  in salvation."

Romans 10:9-10 

    Faith means that you believe in Christ and trust His promises. Faith is the asssurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1, page 1882).  He promised you eternal life if you will believe that Christ died for you. Jesus stands at the door of your heart and invites you to let Him forgive you, and then come into your life as Lord of your life. You can accept the gift of God right now by faith. When you accept the truth about sin and Godís gift, you now can act with faith to receive the gift of God. Simply bow your head and pray the following prayer from your heart.


The Prayer of Peace


Lord Jesus, I believe you

 died for me. I accept your

 gift of forgiveness. Please

 come into my life and be my

 Lord forever. Thank you for

 loving me.

   Jesus promised that He would bring peace to every one of His children. He offers His own peace.

The Promise of Peace


"Peace I leave with you; My

 peace I give to you; not as

the world gives do I give to

 you. Do not let your heart be

 troubled, nor let it be


John 14:27

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